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Email [email protected] Call Now! +971 4 818 9661

Google Ads

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Google Ads

We have got you covered with our specialization in Google ads. Our team is certified by Google and has experience in managing accounts from multiple industries.

  • The latest statistics mention over 30 billion searches performed on Google
  • Online retail via mobile will grow to reach $1 trillion in 2022.
  • Trackable and Measurable
  • You have the opportunity through Search Engine Marketing to target people based on their search intent.
  • SEM can increase and enhance your brand awareness.
  • SEM can generate online leads and increase sales.
  • Data proves that 92% of users search on google before making a purchase
  • Reach new customers and grow your business.
  • SEM can provide informational and educational content
  • Advanced targeting options – Choose where your ad appears.
  • Flexible Budget – Set a budget that is comfortable for you.
  • Measurability – Track the impact of your ad campaigns.
  • Pause or Stop an ad campaign at any time.
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