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Email [email protected] Call Now! +971 4 818 9661

Social Media Marketing

One stop solution for all your Social media marketing needs. Elitbuzz Technologies helps you marketing your company on highly engaging social media networks and reach our to high potential customers.

Facebook Marketing
  • Incredibly powerful precise targeting 
  • Massive audience on Facebook – 1.7 billion Monthly Active Users and 1.13 billion daily active users
  • Effective tracking of results
  • Cost effective
  • Targeting based on Location, Demographic, Customer Match
    & Interest Targeting
Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram encourages customer participation
  • Instagram Allows You To Build a Personality for Your Business
  • Trust Building
  • Instagram Helps Promote Special Events
  • Instagram’s Ad Platform Has Access To The Most Advanced Social Media Advertising Targeting Options Available
Tik-Tok Marketing
  • A Huge Audience Base to Target.
  • Great User Engagement
  • Using as Own Branded Marketing Channel.
  • If your brand is targeting GenZ and younger millennials, advertising on TikTok is worth considering. It can even be an essential addition to your marketing mix. The platform is also the right choice if your products are related to fashion, food, travel, retail, and music.
Linkedin Marketing
  • LinkedIn is the platform of choice for B2B marketers.
  • LinkedIn operates the world’s largest online professional network
  • You can attract not only potential employees, but also potential customers through LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is the third most used social platform among business owners.
  • Statistics suggest LinkedIn may be most effective platform for product launches.
  • Some research suggests LinkedIn may be the most effective platform for lead generation.
  • LinkedIn is the ideal network for establishing thought leadership.
  • LinkedIn can improve professional face-to-face relationships.
  • LinkedIn gives your brand increased search visibility.
  • LinkedIn posts have the potential to reach all your page followers.
  • LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for content distribution.
  • LinkedIn helps to Increase Credibility and Attract New Business
Snapchat Advertising

Businesses can now post to a community story, known as  ‘Our Story’, that will appear in a snap map or snap search. The ‘Our Story’ feature helps promote business visibility and brand awareness by local community members. When the snap map is enabled, users are able to see snaps from people across the world – your business included

  • Interactive Ads
  • Story telling
  • Awareness
Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter is for microblogging

  • Twitter marketing helps you create awareness about your brand

  • Twitter is for real-time updates and news

  • Twitter is for opinions & opinionated people

  • Twitter is for a ‘public’ person

  • Twitter is beneficial for Business-to-business marketing