Elitbuzz APIs

Elitbuzz APIs


Elitbuzz APIs allow you to integrate with the platform and create useful functionality around the platform.

The APIs are REST-based using JSON as the standard response type.


API Keys need to be added to the Authorization header as follows –

Authorization : Basic <Authorization Key>

  • The API Keys can be generated by going to Elitbuzz API section.
  • Elitbuzz APIs follow basic authentication utilizing API Keys to authenticate the API calls.
  • The API Keys can be revoked or regenerated at any point in time and would throw authentication errors for the API calls made using them

Elitbuzz API

Users API

An API to fetch users who match the value specified for the attribute. Example : To get list of users who have feedback with 1 star.

List of required parameters for this API call

attribute_nameThe name of the attribute associated with the userString
attribute_valueThe value of the attribute associated with the userString

Conversations API

An API to fetch a user conversation via user id

Example : To store conversation data in CRM.

Parameters you can pass to filter the API response

userId [Path parameter]The user identifier. Retrieved from users list APIString
start_date [Optional]Start Date (UTC time in milliseconds), If blank, all records will be considered.long
end_date [Optional]End Date (UTC time in milliseconds), If blank, the current UTC time will be considered.long
page_number [Optional]The number of pages for which the data should be displayed. By default, the first page will be shown.integer
Page_size [Optional]Total number of records to be shown in the API call, the default value is set to 500integer

Whatsapp Template Broadcasting

For template broadcasting to bulk users on Whatsapp.

Note : Only Templates can be sent to users as per Whatsapp Policy beyond the time limts.

Example APIs

Broadcast API

To enable and use Broadcast Wrapper API please contact [email protected].

For all channels including Whatsapp with users within time limit.

For broadcast a simple text message or interactive messages to bulk users.

Example : Marketing & Advertisments, Survey and Promotion.

Learn more about Broadcasts in depth via Broadcast document.

Broadcast will be published based on the time mentioned in UTC,

Immediate broadcasts will be sent for expired time. Multiple Numbers in list Format

Multiple Numbers in list Format

“channelUserIds”: [



API Trigger

To trigger automations build on Elitbuzz Platform for external usecases. Example : Sending an email to a customer who fills an external website form.

Learn more about Broadcasts in depth via API Trigger document.

Error Scenarios

Error codes you might get while making the API call.

Error CodesDescription
400Error Code: 1002,Error Message: INVALID_BOT_OR_CUSTOMER_ID,Error Details: The bot id/customer id/user id provided is invalid Error Code: 1003, Error Message: INVALID_INPUT_DATE_VALUE, Error Details: The start_date and end_date values are the time in milliseconds and the end_date should be greater than start_date. Error Code: 1004, Error Message: INVALID_PAGE_NUMBER, Error Details: Please enter the correct page number. The page number in the API is a positive integer value starting with 1.
500Server-side API failure

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