Activating Live Chat

Activating Live Chat

Elitbuzz Live Chat allows you to set up live chat for your bot. You can add multiple bots and set up different configurations for these bots. How to use it to the best of your ability – This is an important feature and is a bridge between the Agents and the end-users.

The first step would be to create the flow from where you would like to allow the users to request a live chat.You would need to identify the categories and map the team members as per the category and the channels you want them to handle.As an example I have two Agents, one would be managing Security related questions and the other services related queries, a sample flow below and an Agent map according to it.

You can refer to the following Live Chat Setting documentation for an in-depth explanation of the settings and preference choices.A few routing rules for help – Routing rules are followed for live chat requests and vary based on the following factors – Origin source ( FB, Whatsapp, Telegram, Web), category, agent limit and working hours.

If the user has requested for live chat outside the working hours –

  1. When the source origin is Web or Mobile then the live chat request will go to the Agent Unavailable path and the request will be dropped.
  2. If the origin source is either Facebook, Telegram or Whatsapp then the user will be redirected to the Agent Unavailable path and the live chat request will be moved to the Unassigned tab, this is done so that later supervisors can pick up the request from this tab and answer them, for web this is not allowed because there is no way to communicate with the end-user on website bot once they have closed the tab or bot.
  3. User has closed the chat message appears when the live chat connection has been broken, this is more common for website chatbots where the user has closed the chatbot, in these cases the messages sent by the Agent won’t be received by the end-user hence to the Agent we showcase an overlay that the User has closed the chat, for other channels this varies as Facebook, Whatsapp or Telegram allows you to continue the chat, and the messages sent by the Agent will reflect to the end-user even if they have closed the messaging app.

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